My story about Bratislava will be based on a conversation with Dominica, a student of physiotherapy, who is working in a café and dreams about owning one by herself.

She claims that the political situation is terrible. One cannot believe in any of politicians, they lie all the time and steal money. Lots of people want to move abroad because they have lost hope, trust in the country and for a better future.

Minimum wage is too small for the prices of food, accommodation, and other expenses. Soviet Union influence is still there, not only by houses but also in the way of how people think. Even Dominica, who seemed to be an open person and the one with whom to talk about any subject, refused to talk about minorities, especially, homosexuality and LGBT people. It does not exist there, of course, not exist openly.

She says that Slovaks are against refugees. But they are not interested to stay in Slovakia as well, as they see the same problem with government and unordered system. They want to move to, for example, Germany.

Slovaks are quiet, they choose not to talk about problems but acquiesce with them. One field where we can see it is tourism – they do not expel, do not make it as attractive to tourists, as they could make it because there are a lot of beautiful places what to see in Slovakia.

Her boyfriend to my questions answers with one short phrase: “Corruption everywhere, no more comments.”

Among the picturesque sceneries and urban landscapes, you can see Romani people villages. In suburb, you can find a house where Asian people not live but also have opened their restaurant and shop. Both of the groups are minorities and both of them do not seem to pack their bags and move away. The question is: have not they loosed a hope yet? Because others, I guess, has.



Street Photography Exhibition. Made by documentary photographer Jindřich Štreit.


                                  The latest exhibition of Rudolf Sikora at Bratislava City Gallery.                                        IN ENGLISH:   “Propaganda of some Slovak politicians… People are afraid of refugees ( 45 %) / People are aware of ecological problems ( 8 %). From the opinion poll conducted in Slovakia (January 2018)”.


IN ENGLISH: “We must help Africa! Now! Not just symbolically – African people have to have an opportunity to work in their homeland. It is our moral duty. The world has been exploiting and ruthlessly colonizing Africa for centuries”.


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