If there is one nation that takes pride in itself, then it is definitely Serbian. It is a place which is trying to make a big effort in developing everything. Why make a restoration for a building if they can build a new one? Innovations everywhere, especially in New Belgrade which has become a business center and place where you can almost smell the money.

I stayed at Iva’s place. She owns her company and she could be “walking advertisement” for Belgrade. As one of the biggest problems, she mentions that while traveling a lot of people choose Belgrade as only a place where to spend few days because they do not think that there is something special to visit; that it is not worth to spend a longer period here. I must admit, that I was one of them, too. But after spending here three days I realized that I should have planned to stay there a few days more.

Since I got sick, most of the time I spent in my bed and I highly appreciated the professionalism of the pharmacy staff. As well, I was surprised by the low price of medicine.

You can catch a feeling, that here everything is okay, that people are living a regular life, having enough of incomes. But, I might be a mask, maybe they are just pretending? Minorities, at least, are afraid. They opened an LGBT center and it is secured all day long. It was the only sign about an upcoming pride which will take place there. At the same time, LGBT people are quite optimistic that the government will allow same-sex marriage. They might be afraid to show their sexuality on the streets but at least they are trying to make an effective dialogue with the government.

Whatsmore, Serbia is not afraid to admit that they like Russia, they support Russian military force in their country. There are at least 100 organizations and media which are financed by Moscow; they propagate fake news in favor to Russian Federation. It might be a reason – that people are not well informed – why everyone seems to be satisfied with populists leading there. Because they do not understand which ones are populists. They have no idea who are they.


Milica Ružičić. “Serbia 2004, Zrenjanin, Jugoremedija”.                                                             Jugoremedija is a pharmaceutical factory in Zrenjanin, Serbia that striking employees occupied from December 2003 to September 2004, subsequently winning in court a right to self-management. The workers protested the state’s illegal changes in the early 2000s to the factory’s ownership structure, which gave the private capitalist Jovica Stefanovic some 68% ownership of the factory and reduced the workers’ share down from 58% to 32%. Stefanovic’s public relations team complained the workers’ occupation was “a rebellion, a state of anarchy”. His private army tried several times to remove the workers.
The ‘personal security’ inflicted severe injuries on a number of strikers. They even used trained dogs. One woman was badly injured, two women had dislocated arms and one worker received a blow to the head. In an incredible scene, women workers lay down in front of the security vans, and defended their factory.
Throughout the summer of 2004, Stefanovic’s private army tried several times to take over the factory, but the workers, with breathtaking courage, kicked them out. Sometimes using their body to block the military vehicles.
In September 2004, Stefanovic’s army and state police finally succeeded in evicting the workers, who were illegally fired and charged with disturbing the peace. However, in the summer of 2006, Serbian courts ruled that the state’s ownership structure changes were illegal and restored the workers’ 58 percent ownership in the factory. The workers announced plans to “begin work in our democratically run factory under worker control.”


Dušan Otaševič. “Comrade Tito, White Violet, Out Youth Loves You”.


Uroš Đurić. “Populist Project. God Loves the Dreams of Serbian Artists: SK Sturm (Graz)”. The referential idea in the creation of the Populist project was based on the thesis that Populism has these days become the supreme ideology, replacing the well-known Social Utopias. The populist project tries to explore these territories and uses all of the three parts (segments) to pervert the fights for social, class and sexual emancipation.


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