My final destination was Athens. One of the most popular tourist destinations during Summer. On its history, the culture of Europe is based. Dozens of architectural monuments, a plethora of picturesque sceneries, masses of people enjoying themselves, enjoying Athens. And, many, many problems, with which Greece is coping. In cities where tourism is not a mandatory field, a crisis is being felt even now. Elsewhere the main income comes from tourist masses. Every tourist is important as many restaurants, for example, are based only on profits, gained during the Summer period.

I was used to sitting in a park, making conversations with locals, drinking coffé. In Athens, it was not the most enjoyable thing to do. It almost felt like entering others’ persons’ home. Parks is a place where refugees live and spend the biggest part of their day. As well, there are a lot of white tourists, especially senior males, who are offering money to young refugee men for sexual activities. I would not believe in it if I would not saw and heard a conversation, where a man, approximately 50 years old, almost begged a young man to go to his hostel. And, there was money in the old man’s hand.

In Athens, I meet Alexis. He is studying political sciences and recommend me to watch a movie “Golden Dawn Girls” to understand better a political situation in Greece. The absurdity and nonsensical is that what Greek people often see when they watch TV, listen to the news or read the news. As he said: “you can’t trust no one”.

Problems exist. Everywhere. But in Greece, almost everyone was talking only about good things, in what they take pride. It was hard for me to get any negative information from a local. Should Europe take an example from Greece? It is a question for a discussion. As what will happen if we will continue to keep silent?


The Victoria Square has been a meeting place and a makeshift home for thousands of migrants since the refugee crisis hit Greece two years ago – and now it is increasingly becoming a prostitution hub for underage refugees.


Small migrant camp near Acropolis of Athens.


Athens Street Art.


Athens Street Art.


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