My name is Ronald. But you can call me Ron if it is easier for you. I am an undergraduate student of intercultural relations between Latvia and France. I play the clarinet, the piano. I used to sing, now I am doing it only while taking a shower. I worked at circus and discovered a whole new world for me. In brief, I like adventures. And so, one new one for me is politics.

I am one of the travel grantees who had the possibility to travel through Europe for making a research on populism. So in this blog, you can read my observations. My main goal is to start a discussion, make you start to reflect about the problems in politics in EU. In my opinion, there is nothing more interesting than people. I love to listen to others, make observations and analyse them. As well while traveling it was very important for me not only to understand the political situation in different countries but also to understand how it affects people lives and what they are actually feeling. You know what? It is a paradox. Despite a list of problems, I made a conclusion that people are surprisingly optimistic. They are living their life, more or less influenced by politicians but at the same time they keep going, they do not stop and do nothing.  My question is – will the situation change in the near future and how populist messages affect minorities?

I hope you will enjoy my blog and I can not wait to publish more as there are lot of things which I would love to share with you. Do not hesitate to contact me directly or leave a comment below. Talking, discussing is one of the most effective ways to solve problems.

Sincerely yours, Ron.


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